Geaux Macros 2021 Summer Shred!

Welcome to Geaux Macros 2021 Summer Shred! We are thrilled to coach you through an exciting 6 months and see you reach your nutrition goals in a fun and rewarding challenge! Join the Shred, lose 10% of your body weight, and WIN!

Summer Shred is a 6 month commitment beginning May 1 and running through November 1.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to those meeting their goal in a split the pot format. Those who meet their goal and receive a cash prize will also be eligible to enter the GRAND PRIZE drawing… A PELOTON BIKE valued at $1,895!

Entering the Shred will give you access to the full Geaux Macros nutrition coaching which includes daily accountability, weekly adjustments to your targets, one-on-one consultation via phone or text when needed, recipes, grocery ideas, and more!

Full description of the contest can be found HERE.  By subscribing below, you are confirming you understand the terms and conditions.