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Geaux Macros 2021 Summer Shred

Welcome to Geaux Macros 2021 Summer Shred!

Cash Prizes will be awarded to those meeting their goal in a split the pot format. Those who meet their goal and receive a cash prize will also be eligible to enter the GRAND PRIZE drawing… A PELOTON BIKE!



"Counting macros allowed me to lose 75 lbs while eating foods that I enjoy! I did not eliminate anything from my diet and that has allowed me to maintain the weight loss. I am passionate about Geaux Macros because I want everyone to eat enough, eat things they love, and have success while doing it!"

~ Emery Wilkerson, Co-Founder


"I love the daily accountability! The coaches are positive and so encouraging! They never make you feel ashamed."

~ Kasey


"I'm eating more than I ever have on any diet and I've lost over 7 pounds in less than 3 weeks."

~ Jenny